Baby Steps and Net Nannies

Not a lot to report this week. Small steps, but still moving ahead.

I’m afraid I’ve created a monster. I’ve introduced Mike to He now spends almost as much time on Amazon as he does on Kijiji, lol. But, we’ve found some really cool solutions to some obstacles we were facing with the trailer.

power portWe’re trying to keep our power consumption down as much as possible, and since we don’t want to run the generator 24/7, finding 12 volt options is a priority. Recently we purchased a dual USB port power socket with a digital voltmeter that will let us keep track of our battery levels, as well as charging our cell phones, power banks and other devices. This will be mounted just inside the door, with a small shelf added to lay the phones on while charging.pad

On the USB note, we’ve also acquired a USB-powered bed warmer for those chilly nights. It
runs off of a power bank that will charge off the device mentioned above. I’ve tried it out in the house, and it works really well. Which is good, because I’m usually freezing by the time I go to bed. Summer and winter.

showerSince there’s no shower in the trailer, we’ve been scratching our heads trying to come up with a
solution. Amazon to the rescue again. We found a portable shower head (USB powered again), with a submersible pump on one end. You drop the pump end in a bucket of warm water and turn it on. Voila! Hand-held shower. Now we’re just trying to figure out where the actual showering is going to take place. We’re looking at one of the little privacy shelters, but undecided as of yet. Not really a fan of going outside to shower, especially in a strange place. But on the other hand, I don’t want to get water all over the inside of the trailer. Still thinking on that one.

42485-8n2We thought we had found a solution in an ‘add on’ screen tent that attached to the side of the trailer. It had roll-down privacy panels and a large zip door that would have let us use it as not only an extra room, but a garage for Buddy at night. But it turned out to be for a pop up camper, and would have taken serious customization to fit it to the side of Lonestar. This I could have accomplished, but the tent itself hadn’t been stored well, and the condition of the zippers and stitching (not to mention the mildew) made us decide to pass.

We’ve started to rearrange the trailer to make it more livable. We’ve removed the long, horizontal cupboards and turned them ninety degrees to make a good-sized upright pantry, making the space much more practical. It also moves the cupboards forward, where I’m much less likely to crack my noggin on them. Ow!

Mike also has a wish list built up on the Amazon site, and in the near future, we’re planning on some LED lighting strips (very low power) and solar panels. Other purchases may or may not include some kind of a net nanny to block certain shopping sites, lol.

The renos to the basement are coming along nicely. The tub surround and drywalling in the downstairs bathroom is now complete, and the floor will be started shortly. Due to it being a small space, I’m not much help in the bathroom, so I’ve started painting the basement trim and doors, partly because they need to be done, but mainly to make me feel like I’m contributing. I tend to get more paint on me than the walls, but at least I’m washable.

14410-NPP61YWe’ve finally started looking around for a good real estate agent to handle the sale of the house. We have a couple of strong recommendations from friends that we’re looking into, but no solid decision yet. Hopefully, it won’t be long. Anyone looking for a 5-bedroom raised bungalow on a dead end street in a quiet subdivision?? Will throw the 18’ above ground pool in at no extra cost.

That’s about it for now. Stay tuned and I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

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  1. We completely finished our basement before we listed our home, and we had three offers the first day. We listed it higher than the agent wanted to list it for (basically the cost of the basement finishing and also the paint for upstairs) and we got it! Best of luck on selling!


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