Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

Apologies for the long stretch between posts, but as the saying goes, we’ve been busier than one-armed paper hangers. Between work, renovations, freelancing and moving adult children, there isn’t a night that we don’t fall into bed, totally spent. Excited as hell, but spent.

Things have finally begun to fall into place. Renovations are finally coming down to the wire, just a bit of touch-ups and one major clean-up left. I have to admit, the house has never looked better. 20160802_153712New flooring, windows, siding, paint, new basement stairs…makes me almost want to keep it. (Yeah, right. Just don’t stand between me and the door.)

After much researching and asking around, we’ve taken friends’ advice and selected our agent. We had a preliminary walk-through last Thursday, where she offered a few suggestions and ideas (which have since been completed), and we agreed that we both had a good feeling about her as a salesperson. The house should be listed by the end of this week. I’ll do a follow up post very soon with a tour of the house and a link to the listing. Fingers crossed for a quick sale!

Since our beloved old Jack the pickup finally gave up the ghost in June (thanks to a badly shimmed starter taking out his ring gear), we suddenly had a wagon with no horse to pull it, so to speak. So the last few weeks Mike has spent every moment of his spare time (all 22 minutes of it) scouring Kijiji and local sales looking for a replacement. This past week, his hard work has finally paid off, in the form of a 1999 Chev Suburban. For us, this is the best of all possible worlds. It’s got the towing capacity for the trailer, it has all the storage room of an extended cab pickup, plus the security of the enclosed cargo area, complete with tinted windows to keep out prying eyes. It’s 4WD, and in the unthinkable scenario that the house may not sell before winter (GASP!!), Mike’s snow plow will fit the truck so we can plow the driveway. She may not be new, but she’s in really good shape, and I think more than up to the challenge. As an added twist of irony, according to the bill of sale, she was originally purchased in Arizona. So, maybe this year, or maybe not, but she’s gonna get to go home for the winter! LOL.

So I’m off to finish painting, sanding, staining, cleaning and a whole bunch of other ‘ings’. Will post the link to the MLS Listing as soon as it’s ready. Wish us luck!lucky

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