One Giant Leap

Looking back over my previous posts, I see a pattern forming. The breaks between updates seem to be getting longer and longer. The usual excuse list is always firmly in place: no time, no changes to report, no ambition. Yada, yada, yada.


However, this time, I actually have a valid reason.
I have been too busy. And justifiably so.


We’ve SOLD the house.

Since March 2nd, we’ve been in what seems to be a constant state of chaos. And I mean on an epic scale. It’s been 2 full months of all-out pandemonium and progress in motion.

When our term ran out with our previous real estate agent just before Christmas, we decided not to renew at that point for several reasons: we knew we were going away for the holidays, we were not terribly thrilled with the agent’s efforts on our behalf, and we had decided to bite the bullet and have the electrical panel upgraded in an effort to make the house more appealing to buyers.

So off to Texas we went, had a great time, and came home with our sleeves rolled up, ready to begin again. We booked an electrician, and set about getting the panel project underway.

Ice Storm 061Then Mother Nature threw us a curve ball in the form of an epic ice storm. Five days without power tends to waylay the best laid plans. Naturally, NB Power canceled all elective projects so they could get on with the massive repairs and reconnections needed, so everything ended up getting pushed back about a month or so. No biggie, life has a way of side tracking you from time to time. And people needing power and heat certainly trumps a panel upgrade.

So a month or so later, we finally get our ducks in a row and get the panel installed. BTW, kudos to Adam and Carrie MacDonald and the crew from Current Electric. On-time, very efficient, extremely professional and even helped clean up when the job was through. Highly recommend them!!


So once the panel was completed (and I mean really, about five minutes after it was done), we decided to call the realtor. Not really wanting a repeat performance of last fall, we considered the recommendations from several friends and called Larry Sutherland from Allied Realty.


To say we weren’t disappointed would be a vast understatement. Larry showed up the next evening and spent a couple of hours with us, answering questions and taking photos.

I probably made him uncomfortable at the start, which I apologize for, but I wanted to be clear on what I felt the other agent did poorly, and what I was expecting from him. Best to be honest and to get it out in the open right from the start. Larry seemed to take it in stride, said all the right things, and put my fears to rest. He was professional, friendly and confident, and by the time he left us that evening, I was feeling much better about the whole situation.

This took place on a Thursday.

On Friday, the listing went live and I received a text from Larry to confirm he had my email address correct. He teased about seeing me on Facebook selling off stuff that I’m not currently using. Ok, I enjoy people I can play or joke around with, and it seems like I can play with this guy. Bonus points. I jokingly told him that selling everything is my way of showing my faith in him, and he’d better not let me down.

I got a simple, one line response: “I got this. 🙂

And he wasn’t kidding.

Sunday lunchtime, Larry called. Could we have the house ready for a showing that evening? Absolutely, bring it on.

Sunday night, after the viewers had left, Larry texted me a cryptic “Great showing. Positive thoughts.”

Monday morning, he called with an offer on the house. He’d actually had the offer the night before, but was hesitant to let us know until he had the paperwork in hand. Negotiations went on throughout the day. By Monday night, we had an accepted offer.

Three days.

THREE freaking DAYS.

I’ve told him before, but it bears repeating.
Larry, you rock!

63So another hurdle cleared. Another step towards our Grand Adventure.

And then the panic set in.

Wait a minute. The trailer isn’t ready yet. It’s tore apart inside because we were re-arranging it to better suit our plans. We were expecting to have at least a month or two to work on it while we were waiting for the house to sell. And it’s still too cold to move into it right now. And there’s still a bunch of stuff I have to get rid of. And there’s still the Tucson to sell…


Cue the mad scramble. Luckily, we were able to locate suitable housing for the summer, without a lease or other pesky ties, so we can leave whenever we’re ready to. As well, this house is quite a bit smaller than what we just left, so I’m looking at it as training for when we get on the road. Kind of a step-down program, rather than going from a castle to a mouse-hole in one move.

So we’re still in Miramichi, for the time being, at least. We still have a little ways to go, but right now we’re aiming for leaving sometime mid to late summer. Currently, we’re planning on heading west across Canada until the cold weather drives us south of the border. There’s still an awful lot of our own country that we haven’t seen yet, and we intend to change that.

In the meantime, there’s still a million and one things to do. But every step is one step closer.

Patience don’t fail me now.


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3 thoughts on “One Giant Leap

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  1. OMG!!!!! I want to go too!!!! I’m so excited for you both. Don’t get boggled down with details for the trip. You make due as you go, it’s part of the adventure. Just tie up the loose ends at home, once on the road, BREATHE, LIVE AND BE IN THE PRESENT!!!! Everything that is suppose to happen will happen. I am sooooooo freakin jealous BUT SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH. 😀


    1. Thanks Anne. We’re in the middle of doing renos to the trailer right now, so it’ll be a little while before we can hit the road. Mike’s installing a propane oven/stove and we’re in the process of adding a mid-sized fridge. The cupboards are down off the walls until we can figure out our final layout. All in all, it shouldn’t take too long. We’d love to see you before we go, we’ll have to plan an evening together! 🙂


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