That Big Eight Wheeler Rollin’ Down the Track…

Before I get into our progress toward our Grand Adventure, I wanted to take a minute and sincerely thank each and every one of you that reached out, either publicly or privately, to share your own struggle-with-food stories with me. After our last post, I know exactly what it took to put yourself out there like that, and while I assumed there were more than a few of us with similar stories, I had no idea just how many of us were out there. You are indeed special people, and I am humbled by your kind words and encouragement, as well as your trust in sharing your stories. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

So, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks, but lots of progress to report. Now that we’re both ‘pretired’, it’s much easier to find the time and the energy to get busy on what needs to be done.

Firstly, we’ve found a good home for Mongo. The lovely couple of Sasha and Marc haveMongo, 1999 Chev Suburban welcomed him into their fold, and considering how excited Sasha was to find him, I’d say he’s found a good home. He’ll be helping to haul building supplies and demolition debris as Sasha works away at establishing her new business, the Mystical Horizons Astrology Store. You can find out all about it here. He’s a great old truck, and I hope they have good luck with him.

Lonestar Trailer Hitch
New electric jack, double propane rack and battery box.

Work on Lonestar is coming along nicely. Mike has installed the new electric jack, a double rack for twin propane tanks, and a new bracket to hold the battery. He’s replaced all the brakes with new assemblies and we’ve added 4 brand new tires.

As well, he’s replaced and rewired a new breakaway switch for the trailer brakes. Turns out the old one was broken, and even if it had worked, it had been wired incorrectly so that it couldn’t possibly operate. Yikes! Glad we found that out in time.

Inside, things are going great. I’ll have pics for the next blog post, I promise.  Right now it just looks like a war zone. We’ve moved around a couple of existing cupboards so they’re more usable, and removed a couple of others completely. We’ve installed a new fridge, and the stove/oven combo is in place, just waiting for the propane hookup. New shelves are going along the top of everything to maximize storage. Mike’s also built a large drawer that fits under the stove which will hold my bigger pots and pans.

We now have a bed platform. Basing it on the one the previous owners had, it’s a structure of slotted boards that slide and lock together to get the mattresses up off of the floor. But we’ve customized it, so that during the day, half of it folds back on itself, turning the mattresses into a couch. When it’s not in use, like when we’re on the move, it comes completely apart and lays flat, taking up very little space. I’ve spent the last few days sanding and varnishing the wood, so it now matches the rest of the woodworking in the trailer. My back is not really speaking to me right now, but I’m working on one helluva nice tan, lol.

As well, we’ve (meaning Mike) installed the bracket to hold the TV, the volt meter and USB charge station, and re-routing some plumbing and electrical is well underway. I’m in charge of making things pretty (tinting windows and sewing new curtains), having final say where shelves and cabinets go (the power has totally gone to my head) and filling and sanding nail holes, screw heads and other minor perfections in the carpentry work (to keep me humble.)

It’s been a hundred trips to town for fittings, fasteners, gizmos and a gazillion other things we need, and it’s been several days of cramped quarters and working around, over and under one another. It’s sore backs, tired muscles, fried brain cells and frazzled emotions. And enough bug bites to have a grand old time playing connect the dots. But I figure if we can handle it now when friction is probably at it’s highest, living in it together should be a snap. We still kiss goodnight, and no one has mentioned a divorce lawyer or trial attorney, so I think it’s all good.

2012 Hyundai Tucson GL
2012 Tucson, $6900 neg.

In the meantime, we’ve got my Tucson up for sale, as well as getting rid of quite a few of Mike’s spare motorcycle parts. Keeps me busy between Kijiji and Facebook answering questions and setting up appointments to sell items. I was considering having a final yard sale, but by the time I’m done hauling the last bits that the kids have asked for, and selling the few things that they don’t want, I don’t think I’ll have enough left. Probably just load the rest of the debris into a box and tote it over to the Salvation Army. It’s easier that way, and at the end of the day, I’m just about out of go-go juice.

A few steps closer every day. I’m getting so excited I can hardly stand it.

Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to properly introduce you to (drum roll please…)

2012 Dodge Ram 1500


It took a while, but he finally told us his name. As in I’m Movin’ On and I’ve Been Everywhere (Hank Snow) not to mention Luke the Drifter (Hank Williams). Thanks to all that submitted their suggestions, there were some really creative ideas. We also discovered that we are not alone in naming our vehicles. There are an awful lot of us nuts out there. Nice to know we’re already fitting in, lol.

See you on the road (really, REALLY soon). Yay!


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  1. So glad things are moving along for you. We just listed our house on Saturday so I guess we have some catching up to do 😉

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