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Facebook post 1
Facebook post in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, August 1, 2015

I love the “On This Day” feature that Facebook offers. Sometimes it catches you unawares how much time has passed. This morning, I opened it up to find a post from two years ago when we were in Peggy’s Cove the last time. The post itself was not that remarkable, just a happy statement about being out for a bike trip on a beautiful day in one of my favorite places, and lunch at White Sails in Upper Tantallon, which makes the most authentic smoked meat sandwiches this side of Montreal.

Facebook Post White Sails Bakery
Facebook Post White Sails Bakery, Upper Tantallon, NS

The Night From Hell

Not significant in itself. Just another one of our spur of the moment day trips. Except what we didn’t know when I posted it was that it was the beginning of one of the longest nights of our lives. That was the weekend that we rode through almost the entire province of Nova Scotia and were unable to find a vacant motel room anywhere. We kept warm and awake traveling from Tim Horton’s to Tim Horton’s, fueling up on hot coffees and taking much needed rest periods. By the time we were back in Truro the following morning (where there were finally motel vacancies), we were that tired and frustrated that we kept going all the way home just out of sheer spite.

And that’s where it all started. We had seen the ad for Lonestar on Kijiji a few days before that trip, and had been lightly discussing (daydreaming really) how nice it would be to have our own bed along on those long road trips. After the night from hell (and once we woke up from a 12 hour sleep), we made up our minds to go and have a closer look. That led to our Grand Adventure plan. You can read the rest of the story by starting here.

It sometimes amazes me how little, insignificant things can change the bigger picture so much. If we had headed somewhere other than Nova Scotia that morning. If it hadn’t been a holiday weekend. If there just would have been a motel room available somewhere. If it hadn’t been such nice weather and we’d taken the car instead of the bike. It all pointed us to where we are now.

Two Years & Two Wheels

Camping at the Casino NB, August 1, 2017
Camping at the Casino NB, August 1, 2017

So on the second anniversary of that fateful road trip, we’re all here. And by all, I’m talking about Mike and I, Hank, Buddy and Lonestar. And by here, I mean the RV parking lot at the Casino New Brunswick in Moncton. This particular casino allows RV parking for up to 7 consecutive nights, free of charge. It’s only about 85 miles from home, and it’s just a parking lot with no hookups, but we felt it was a great place for a test run. All that is required is that you are a Rewards Club member (which we already were) and you register your rig with the casino, which takes all of five minutes. At any given time, there are about 20 of us in the large parking lot. It’s quiet, and security drives by every so often just to keep an eye on things. It’s well back from the highway, so road noise is minimal. And it’s centrally located, so you’re just minutes from anything you might need.

Sure, there’ve been a few hiccups: I’ve discovered a few items I wish I had packed, and some I wish I hadn’t. I’m down $30 at the casino, and we’re still learning how and when we have to run the generator to keep the fridge happy. There’s an issue with the sink draining. I’m constantly re-arranging things, trying to find the best place for everything. Mike is trying to get the electrical system and how it works into my head (good luck) and I’m trying to train him to put things away as soon as he’s done using them (more good luck).

OMG, I’m Even Getting a Tan!

But overall, even though it’s been a lot of work, it’s also been so much fun. I’m sitting outside of Lonestar, enjoying the beautiful summer morning and typing a blog post. The new inverter generator is humming along quietly, charging up the batteries. Buddy is sitting nearby, patiently waiting for a quick shopping trip into town. Mike is eating up my data with his YouTube addiction on my cell phone (he’s already used up his own data allotment, lol). We’ve had a fantastic breakfast two mornings in a row at the casino and we took Buddy over to P.E.I. yesterday on a beautiful day trip. We’ve already met several nice people, including two couples from British Columbia, and we’ve swapped traveling information, picking up several good hints for when we get out west, and offering some advice for the best travel routes on the East Coast.

We’ve been here 4 days now. We’ll head home tomorrow and start working on Lonestar again, but with a much clearer idea of what is needed and how to set it up. Meanwhile, even after a large yard sale and several listings on Kijiji, I still have stuff to get rid off, so the clearout continues. So far, we’re still looking at the end of August as our official “On The Road” pullout date. There’s still much to be done, and the end of August is coming up fast, but after this weekend, I’m even that much more impatient. I think that’s a pretty good sign we’re on the right road.

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  1. “Mike is trying to get the electrical system and how it works into my head (good luck) and I’m trying to train him to put things away as soon as he’s done using them (more good luck).” OMG, sounds just like us. Good luck on your launch!

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  2. I’m thinking of the “Jeffersons’” song—moving’ on up…!! 🙂 Enjoying your posts, Kelley! Live and enjoy each and every moment of your travels—you both deserve it! Love you so much! Rick & Norma

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