Don’t Let The Sound of Your Own Wheels Make You Crazy

Right out of the gate, my apologies for such a long stretch between posts. It’s been such a whirlwind the past month. Travel, holidays, sickness, you name it. No rest for the wicked as they say.

Mid-December we left our LTVA outside of Yuma to start a 1600 mile drive towards Lebanon, Missouri to spend Christmas with my brother and his family. Our trek led us across southern Arizona with an overnight stop in Bowie at a very loud truckstop. But at this time of the year, you can’t blame anyone for trying to keep warm. However, after spending most of the night wedged in between two running semis, we were up very early and got on the road ASAP.

This Saguaro Cactus in eastern Arizona reminded me of a baseball player poised to swing at a pitch.

We carried on into New Mexico and stopped as Las Cruces for a mid-morning break, a pretty little town nestled up against a mountain ridge. There we found this fellow:

Roadrunner statue overlooking Las Cruces, NM

Beam Me Up Scotty

We then headed toward Roswell. Being a sci-fi nut, my poor hubby humors me, probably more than I deserve, and I’ve always wanted to see the town. However, it was pretty chilly by the time we arrived, so after a quick cruise through town, we decided to bypass the touristy shops and just settle at the Wal-Mart for the night.

A friendly alien waves from a car dealership.
I wonder if that’s the delivery driver?

Roswell reminded me a lot of Brandon, Manitoba in the fact that it seems there isn’t a muffler shop in that town either. Again, it wasn’t a quiet night.

The next day found us crossing the panhandle of Texas and into Oklahoma, where we found a charming little free campground right on a lake. It was a bit cool, and no cell reception, but really quiet and peaceful. A sound sleep at last.

Reydon OK 01
Reydon, Oklahoma
Reydon OK 02
Really nice campsite.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

After four and a half days on the road, we finally reached Lebanon, only to experience their coldest Christmas in some time. We winterized Lonestar against the weather as best we could, but by Boxing Day, we realized that we’d better stop pushing our luck and cut the trip short, before we needed to replace something expensive. Besides, by this time we had both come down with nasty colds and weren’t exactly feeling our best. But many thanks and much love to Darrell and Murphy for putting up with us and opening their home to us once again. Next time you come here. Wherever here might be, lol.

Me and Baby Brother

We left Lebanon on the 27th and pushed hard our first day, covering 700+ miles and making it as far as Amarillo for the night. We woke up to this:

Frosty Amarillo Morning

Very pretty, but not exactly welcome. Had to move a bit farther west to get out of the freezing temperatures. Crossing the state line into New Mexico seemed to take care of that.

The Heat Is On

We decided to take route 10 back through New Mexico and Arizona for the simple reason we’d already seen what was on Route 8 on the way over. And we were glad we did. We had actually been warned against New Mexico by a woman we had met earlier this year. She told us to bypass the state entirely, because “it’s terribly run-down and there is absolutely nothing to see there.” I think I’ll send her a gift card for a free eye exam. I’m not sure what she was expecting, but the scenery in New Mexico left us both in awe and muttering “Oh, wow!” at every new turn. Some people just can’t be happy I guess.

Highway 10, New Mexico
Highway 10, New Mexico
Highway 10, New Mexico

By nightfall, we’d made it as far as Winslow, AZ to a free campsite, again by a lake. (Can’t help it, I’m a water baby.) But at least this time we weren’t accosted by the large duck population that lived there, lol. Good thing too, I was running low on Cheerios.

Free campsite just outside of Winslow.
The view from my front door.

After getting some much needed rest, we woke to an absolutely beautiful morning, with the temperatures already climbing into the 50’s. Much better. But I had work to do. I wasn’t going to be this close and not seize the opportunity. I slipped into fangirl mode and found that famous corner, which as it turned out, was only a couple of miles from where we camped.

Winslow AZ05

The Eagles are one of my all-time favorites, and I was lucky enough to see them live in 2008, well before Glenn Frey’s passing. It was a day-long outdoor music festival with the Eagles headlining that night, and sometime during the afternoon, an older gentleman brushed by me in the crowd, turned and apologized, and quickly disappeared. It took me a second to realize I’d just been bumped into by Joe Walsh. I played it real cool, though, and didn’t freak out. At least until he was out of earshot, lol. They put on an awesome show that night.

So here I was, standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, next to the statue of Glenn that was added after his death in 2016.

Winslow AZ02

The other statue off to the right is officially said to be the fellow in the song who was ‘standing on the corner’, but rumor has it that it looks quite a bit like a young Jackson Browne, who co-wrote “Take It Easy” with Glenn.

Winslow AZ03

As well, the corner is directly located on historic Route 66, added bonus.

Winslow AZ11

From there we took it a little easier that day, since the temperature had become much more friendly, opting to stop early on some BLM land outside of Williams, AZ. A really gorgeous area out in the desert. We made up a campfire and sat out well into the evening, enjoying the stars and the warm temperatures. We really fell in love with the place and plan on going back there to spend some more time.

If Not For Christmas, By New Year’s Night

So we finally made it back to Yuma in time for New Year’s Eve, only to celebrate it like a couple of old fogies. On meds, in bed and asleep by 10pm. We settled down for the next few days to try to get over these annoying colds. I have to say, Mike is having more success at it than I am right now. It’s strange, a cold rarely lasts more that 3-4 days with me, but this one is kicking my butt as I’m approaching the 2 week mark. I’d like to think that it’s the difficulty in keeping hydrated in the desert dryness. My age simply has nothing to do with it, lol.

With the RTR starting in a few days, we’ve come north a bit to Quartzsite to secure a decent spot for the rally. Upon arriving we immediately met a very nice young man driving a step van that had been converted into a camper, another nomad in his first year of travel, like us. His name was Paul Barger, and you can find his nomad videos on his YouTube channel here.  He does very nice videos, so give him a look-see and tell him we sent you.

In the meantime, thanks to Mike, Amazon and my wonderful sister-in-law acting as the Postmistress General, I now have running hot water in Lonestar. Up until now it’s been hurry up and wait for the kettle to boil. What a luxury. Now if I could just figure out where to put a bathtub.

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  1. Apparently there is a 2 week bug going around. Even my Brother-in-law and his wife in England had it, and I know of a few in Q also. You should be almost over it. Also do you know about Bloggerfest in Q? Check my blog for details.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Feeling like I’m on the mend, fingers crossed. I had read about the Bloggerfest on your blog. Not sure if we’re going to be here for it. Might be interesting though. Will think on it and see how the RTR goes first. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


      1. We are staying at a campground in town (I’m a full hookups kinda girl) and will be boondocking the week of the Blogfest. We would love to get together if you guys are up for it, also. We may be out that way to catch up with other friends, so I’ll keep you updated. If you’re ever coming into town (SillyAls is our favorite place), let us know and we’ll meet up! Dawn

        Liked by 1 person

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