‘Course it’s Pete! Lookit ‘im!

It’s been sometime since our last post, my apologies for that. When we’re not on the road, it’s a bit difficult to come up with new or interesting content, not just the same ol’ day-to-day stuff. So keeping that in mind, here’s what’s been going on.

A Fork In The Road

Lonestar left us last Friday evening to go and live with his new family. We wish them good luck with their travels and sincerely hope that they have as much fun with him as we did. He’s a great, sturdy little trailer, is very easy to pull and maneuver, and he certainly likes to run. So long old friend, we’ll miss you. See you on the road.

Lonestar 21
Gonna miss you pal.

In the meantime, we’ve settled into our new digs.

Meet Pete.

Pete is a 27’ 2008 Starcraft travel trailer that we brought home the middle of April. He was well taken care of, and is actually lighter than Lonestar was, so I’m sure Hank’s grateful. We’ve managed to move everything we carry from the back of the truck to inside the trailer, so I’m sure Mike’s grateful. And I can finally buy more than a bag’s worth of groceries at a time, so I’m grateful. Besides that, there are definite bonuses.

But I’m Not Tired Yet…

It’s so nice to have a dedicated bed that doesn’t have to be de-constructed and made into a couch (and back again) every single day. The shine wears off that real quick. When I’m ready to go to bed, I simply just go to bed. No folding this and moving that. No shuffling, no packing, no storing.






Lonestar 10
Lonestar’s bed/couch/eating area/pita.

It’s also wonderful to have a separate bedroom from the rest of the living space. I tend to be an ‘early riser’ (sounds so much better than ‘raging insomniac’), so a separate room means I don’t wake Mike up when I finally give up on sleeping and make myself a cup of tea at 5 a.m. It’s also when I get most of my writing and online work done. This is much easier since the table isn’t stored away at the end of the day either.

Hey, I Found My “__________”!

I have enough interior storage that I was able to get rid of all the totes we had stored in Hank’s truck bed, which means I can easily get at my craft supplies, books, seldom-wore clothing and about a thousand other things at a moment’s notice. Before, when inspiration struck, it was like a 5-day trek up Everest to shuffle the back of the truck around to find what I wanted. Assuming I was lucky enough to eventually pick the right tote. Vegas has nothing to worry about from me.

My ever-growing magnet collection now fits on the freezer door.

Rubber Duckie, You’re The One…

But my absolute favorite? I now have an indoor shower. Yeah, I know, sounds pretty unimportant. But after a year of sponge baths, public showers, mooching off of family and friends or running outside to a tiny tent, my own indoor shower is like nirvana. First world problems, I know. But I’m still very grateful. And clean, lol.

There’s still a ways to go. We plan on hooking Pete up with solar like we did with Lonestar. He’ll need a new electric jack and weight distribution system. Also, Pete is not a toy hauler, but we had already decided that Buddy wasn’t coming back south with us again. We are keeping our eyes open for a smaller, lighter bike, perhaps a street/dirt model that we would be able to load onto a rack on the back of the trailer, where it could stay until needed. Either way, we won’t have to unload in miserable weather just so we can go to bed. Things have definitely turned a corner.

And in case you were wondering, the name Pete came about because he is a ‘toad’.

‘Til next time.

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