Hitting the High Points

I realize the blog posts have been slow in coming this year, but truth be told, we’re just having too much fun to sit still long enough to write. So with that said, here are a few highlights and snapshots (in no particular order) of our intrepid adventures:

Parker Dam

The Parker Dam on the mighty Colorado River.

Homes and summer cottages seen from the dam.

And of course, these little fellows were everywhere.

Lake Havasu City

A one-third replica of Split Rock Light on Lake Superior in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The original light, now retired, is re-lit every Nov 10 in memory of the 1975 loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald and her entire crew.
Beginning in 2003, this Havasu light is also lit on that date.

A Burrowing Owl guards her nest deep in a wash in downtown Havasu.

Imperial Sand Dunes

A large recreation area, popular with off-road vehicles, seem to appear out of nowhere heading west on I-8 in southern California. A few miles down the road, and they disappear just as quickly.

Turned into a bit of a fangirl here.
These dunes were used for a lot of the Tattooine shots in the Star Wars movies.

Bouse Intaglio

An intaglio is similar to a petroglyph, except it’s etched into the desert floor rather than a stone face or rock wall.

Looking at the Fisherman from the side. Its a bit difficult to see because we’re standing at ground level. Unfortunately, there was no elevated viewing platform.

Cibola Wildlife Refuge

Sandhill Cranes scour a recently harvested alfalfa field for a meal.

This coyote seemed a bit annoyed with us for disturbing what was to be lunch.

A Cooper’s Hawk mid-hunt. It happened so fast, this was the best shot I could manage.

A Snowy Egret and a Great Egret enjoy the last moments of the sunset.
(FYI, Mike got this great shot!)

A Great Blue Heron keeps vigil at the water’s edge.

Kofa Wildlife Refuge

Skull Rock

Skull Rock is located in a mountain pass just north of Palm Canyon.
The mountain walls rose several hundred feet above us on either side.

A knife-edged formation juts up from a smooth hillside.

The rock formations were fantastic, and with a little imagination, we could see animals, faces and other items everywhere we looked. Can you see the sleeping dinosaur?

Skull Rock, our objective that afternoon.
The ‘mouth’ goes back into the rock several feet and is high enough to stand in. The ‘eyes’ are actually a shelf cave above it, interrupted by a thin, vertical stone bridge that separates them into ‘eyes’.

Kokopelli Spiral Labyrinth

Not an ancient intaglio, but a modern work of art.
The story goes that this appeared near the entrance to the Refuge several years ago, but no one is sure who created it, or why. Best guess is it’s used for meditative and spiritual properties as you walk the path to the center and back.


Stone Cabin

Joseph Cone was a local artist well-known in the Quartzsite area.
His cabin (on the left) and workshop walls were made entirely of stone,
estimated to have been built sometime in the late 1800’s.

Dripping Spring

Dripping Spring is a popular spot despite requiring a 4-wheel drive or off-road vehicle to reach. The trail is a little rough, but well worth it.

It’s not the wet season right now, so the pool is a little small.

The spring is actually located in this small cave, where the water literally drips from the stone walls and runs to the small pool pictured above.

The entrance is low, so you have to crawl in, but inside is large enough to stand. The dark streaks on the cave wall is the wet marks from the water.

Dripping Spring was an important gathering place for ancient peoples. There are over 50 petroglyphs on the surrounding rocks and boulders.

A Ghost Flower. In the bright sunlight, the petals are almost translucent.

A Buckthorn Cactus coming into bloom.

Apache Chief Mine

The cabin at Apache Chief Mine. It has become somewhat of a novelty ‘put and take’. area. The cabin is full of ‘gifts’ left by visitors, including the 2 satellite dishes on the outside wall and the mailbox on the roof.

No indoor plumbing here. A quick walk up a short hill next to the cabin provides those in need with a true ‘Throne With A View’.

There was no limit to the items left by visitors.
Inside we found a typewriter, various kitchen items, shell casings, a pregnancy test, empty liquor bottles, a small TV, framed photos, snow skis, and other random things. Yes, those are a pair of panties hanging in the window.

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