Good Friends and Goodbyes

Wow. No matter how hard I seem to try, the distance between blog posts just keeps getting longer and longer. I’m not sure why that is. Must try harder to post more often.

Saying goodbye to Quartzsite was difficult this year. I really dragged my feet about leaving a moment earlier than we had to. Maybe it was because the warmer weather had finally arrived, and we knew we’d be heading back into a cool, wet spring. Perhaps it was because we knew we’d be putting Ruby into storage for the summer, and we wouldn’t be going on any more back road treks for a while.

Our Desert Home

But I think it had the most to do with the fact that we’d made some really good friends this year, and we were having such a good time with them, we just didn’t want it to end. Evening campfires, dinners, 4×4 trips, local markets, trips to Yuma, meals out, it was all such fun

Dan from Colorado – You were the first person we met after arriving last November. We loved your laid-back attitude and your work-camping stories from the National Parks. Your advice on what roads to avoid on the trip home was greatly appreciated.

Gerry & Betty from New York – You two are either the youngest seniors in the world, or the oldest teen-agers, I can’t decide which. Your energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious, and we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together. The trip to the Yuma Territorial Prison and the big flea market was so much fun.

Leslie & Chris from Colorado – You were the social directors of the group, always arranging an outing or a meal or some other adventure. Your welcome, warmth and hospitality was greatly appreciated. The day we all went to Skull Rock was one of our favorites of the year. Thank you for including us so often.

Gary & Dianne from B.C. – What a surprise you two were. Imagine sitting in the middle of the desert and someone recognizing our little New Brunswick flag. And even though it’s been years since you left NB, the wonderful evenings we spent around the fire still felt like coming home.

Earl & Carol from Lake Havasu – Even though we hadn’t known each other very long, you welcomed us into your home and your life as if we’d been there for years. We loved your stories, appreciated your advice, and considered ourselves lucky to have met you both.

Sandy & Roy from Montana – You two need to come earlier and stay longer next year. We had so much fun with you, and your sense of humor kept us in stitches. You’re just as warped as we are, lol. Sandy, Bill says hi. Roy, keep dropping it like a comma. 🙂

Claude & Theresa from B.C. – We were so glad when you found us in Arizona and we could catch up again. We had so much fun out on the trails showing you around Quartzsite. Hope we get the chance to do it all again next year. Tell Mike and Judy we said hi.

Maureen & Neil from Phoenix – You two hold a special place in our hearts, and we consider ourselves so blessed to count you not just as friends, but as family. From the moment we met, we felt like we’d known you all of our lives. The luckiest thing that ever happened to us was that crabby old lady who yelled ‘no generators’ at you. You’re the first stop we want to make whenever we get to AZ, and Mike insists it’s not just your cooking, Mo. Love you both. ❤ ❤

And to all the others we were lucky enough to have crossed paths with, know that we enjoyed meeting and spending time with all of you, and hope we see you again next year.

So, one by one, we all drifted off in our own directions. Some of us left earlier than others, but all were missed. And while we’re looking forward to a new summer job in an area we’ve never been to before, truth be told, the autumn can’t get here fast enough, guys. Safe travels, keep well, and we’ll see you all in the fall.

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