Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

Apologies for the long stretch between posts, but as the saying goes, we’ve been busier than one-armed paper hangers. Between work, renovations, freelancing and moving adult children, there isn’t a night that we don’t fall into bed, totally spent. Excited as hell, but spent. Things have finally begun to fall into place. Renovations are finally... Continue Reading →

Solving the Shower Dilemma

This weekend we purchased what seems to be the solution to not one, but three different issues with our Grand Adventure plans. Firstly, and I’ve mentioned this before, but the trailer has no shower. This leaves us with two options, either a sponge bath, or head for a campground or some other facility with public... Continue Reading →

My Buddy and My Other Buddy

A few years back, we invested in a new take on an old love. A 1999 1600 Yamaha Road Star, affectionately nicknamed “Buddy.” From April until October, you’ll rarely find Buddy at home. When we’re not traveling to the next bike rally, you’ll find us doing the tourist thing from Cape Breton to PEI to... Continue Reading →

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