Best Christmas Ever!

So, finally I’ve gotten around to the rest of the story of our Christmas trip to Texas. When we last left our intrepid explorers, we had finally found our way to San Leon TX after a five-day drive. We spent most of the first day (Wednesday) sitting on the back porch, catching up and enjoying... Continue Reading →

Texas or Bust!

Remember a few posts back, I mentioned Mike trying to convince me to go along with this crazy scheme and dangling the carrot: “Wouldn’t you like to spend Christmas with your brother in Texas?” Damned if he wasn’t true to his word. On December 16, we packed up and headed out for 2400 miles of... Continue Reading →

The Best Laid Plans…

Once again, apologies for the time between posts. Lately there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. To catch everyone up, our Grand Adventure has encountered a couple of pause buttons, so to speak. Button #1: Our term with our realtor completed at the end of November with a total of three... Continue Reading →

Only Pawn in Game of Life

Early this summer Mike's old beater pickup, Jack, lost his ring gear. Well, not so much lost, as blew it all to hell. It looked like a T-Rex had used it for a teething ring. Anyway, after shopping around a bit, it seemed too cost prohibitive to replace such an expensive part on a truck... Continue Reading →

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